Plant Installation & Maintenance

Office Work Place

Once your design is complete, we handle all plant installation and maintenance for you. Our technicians provide all the necessary labor to complete the installation within a reasonable timeframe. From our initial inspection to the finishing touches, we ensure your high-quality standards are met throughout the process.

We begin the installation process with a complete review of every element on your interior. All environmental factors are taking into consideration, and we plan for potential problems before they occur. Our primary goal is the enhancement of your environment with beautiful, tropical foliage and decorative containers that complement your existing decor.


Our work doesn't end when installation is finished. Interior plants require regular maintenance and care. We handle all of that for you so you won't have to lift a finger. Experienced horticultural technicians will maintain your plants on a regular schedule (determined by your environment), letting you enjoy a beautiful interior with no hassle for you or your employees.